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Thai massage - is not just a set of physical exercises and manipulation-professional masseur. This is a special ritual, where a huge role played by the exchange of internal energy between the massage therapist and the patient. It is in this case reveals the full potential of Thai massage. An important role is played by a good atmosphere of the cabin, its decoration, perfumes, cosmetics for the session, music, etiquette, behavior therapists and staff cabin. Therefore, we have tried to collect for you all these factors in the best of forms, in order that you could grasp the essence of the ritual of Thai massage, with all its consequences - such as complete relaxation, cleansing the mind and restore mental balance, simultaneously with the acquisition of power and vitality. After all, according to the fundamentals of Thai medicine, in our body circulates special energy - life energy. Ways of its passage - especially the meridians and channels that are associated with certain organs and body parts. According to this principle, a person feels perfectly well and only when nothing prevents this energy to move on to his bed and harmoniously distributed throughout the body, which is what professional masseurs during the session.

Thai massage has long been entered into our lives like a Swiss clock, Italian pizza, English home, Israeli medicine, the spirits of the French and Japanese technologies - all these phrases became common and are a sign of quality, comfort, pleasure and enjoyment.
Now, for that would dive into the fabulous world of Thai massage You do not need to fly to Thailand, but simply sign up for a session to our professionals. All of them are residents of Thailand and his skill were trained there, in the best schools and colleges! In our salon - an island of this amazing country, you feel the full range of relaxation, rest, relaxation and taking care of your body at the same time.

The team of Thai therapists Thaisabai salons in Kiev
Салон тайського масажу Thaisabai на Антоновича 24Б у Києві
Thai massage parlor Thaisabai - knowledge, experience and professionalism 


Thai massage parlor in the city center will allow you to Thaisabai step back from the daily stress, plunged into the world of true relaxation. We offer you a high level of service, affordable prices and high professionalism of the masters. Thai masseuses our salon, magic scents, relaxing music and the interior soaked secrets of the East, will enable you to get a long-awaited psychological, emotional and physical discharge, to feel the energy of your body and maintain its tone. Thai massage parlor Thaisabai sure to give you a minute of the fun, comfort, warmth and friendliness east!

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