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Тайский массаж Киев
Thai massage Kiev


Thai massage is not only a physical exercise and manipulation of the masseur, but the whole system of health improvement . Such a system includes several ways to influence the body – passive exercise of yoga, pressure on individual muscles , as well as activation of the flow of vital energy in the human body. During Thai massage a special ritual is performed and communication channel is set between a master of massage and the patient, through which the process of exchanging the internal energy takes place. Thus the full potential of Thai massage is revealed. 

About Us

Thai massage is not only a physical exercise and manipulation of the masseur, but the whole system of health improvement. This is a special ritual, where a huge role played by the exchange of internal energy between the massage therapist and the patient. It is in this case reveals the full potential of Thai massage.


Great importance for a positive result of the procedure has Interior design , smells , cosmetics used during massage , music , as well as etiquette and behavior of the staff.

That is why we tried to recreate the atmosphere of Thai massage in our salon, so having experienced our massage once you will always return to us. In our salon of Thai massage , you can immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of the massage and relax and forget about problems. Thai massage will bring you only favorable feelings – complete relaxation of the whole body, purification of thoughts, psychological balance, as well as updating and addition of vitality and energy . According to the basics of Thai medicine, the vital energy flowing through the body on specific meridians and channels is associated with individual organs and systems . These meridians are the main aspect with which massage therapists work in the Thai massage procedures. After all, people feel healthy and full of energy only when this energy moves freely and in the right direction, distributing properly by the whole body.

Our Services

Thai massage has long been an integral part of the lives of people who care about their health, both physical and spiritual. Thai massage for many is synonymous with pleasure and total relaxation.

GIFT CERTIFICATE for friends and relatives

Soon the holidays? Want to make your family and friends nice, but do not know what to buy and how to please them? Would you like to present was memorable and special?
A gift certificate for a massage - a wonderful gift that is suitable to all and please both your friends and family or mate. At any time, in our shop you have the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate for a massage that will satisfy even the most refined tastes and wishes. In addition, you can take out of them a series of different types of massage.


You can buy our gift certificates with delivery in Kiev.

History of Thai Massage


The basic system of Thai massage took its beginning more than a thousand years in India. However, its development was in Thailand. Only in this country knows the secrets of pleasure, relaxation and youth. Over the years, massage techniques have evolved, becoming complex. Today, the procedure combines the basics of Tui-na - Chinese massage, Indian Ayurvedic and Japanese shiatsu. Massage and a remarkable in that it includes elements of yoga. Thus, the procedure is the therapeutic massage, during which the stretch, warm up and warm up the muscles comes into contact with specific energy points on the human body, allowing you to improve your health and get enormous pleasure. In Thailand, along with meditation and treatment of useful herbs and couples massage is an essential procedure for recovery. For example, Thai healers have found their system of healing experience for yourself that today you can. 

Thaisabai Tai massage salons chain - knowledge, experience and professionalism 


Thaisabai Tai massage salons chain in the city center will allow you step back from the daily stress, plunged into the world of true relaxation. We offer you a high level of service, affordable prices and high professionalism of the masters. Thai masseuses our salon, magic scents, relaxing music and the interior soaked secrets of the East, will enable you to get a long-awaited psychological, emotional and physical discharge, to feel the energy of your body and maintain its tone. Thai massage parlor Thaisabai sure to give you a minute of the fun, comfort, warmth and friendliness east!


Вчера в который раз побывала у вас в салоне на spa-процедуре у мастера Пемики! Это нечто! На несколько часов абсолютно оторвалась от реальности, от холодной погоды за окном и окунулась в релакс) спасибо за приятные моменты! Обязательно запишусь еще).

- Виктория

Добрый день. Была с мужем на 2-х часовом Oil массажем. Я уже не первый раз, а мужу в новинку-))Нам очень понравилось. Приятный массаж, тайки, приятная администратор и дивная обстановка. Очень хорошо проработали все проблемные точки, знают у кого какие они. У мужа — спину, мне — шею и ноги! Остались довольны. Придем еще. Спасибо..

- Dana

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